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Oct. 29th, 2006 @ 08:50 pm Voting Day Flyers.
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I made up a couple flyers I'm going to pass out at the polling places. They're just something I thought might help people think differently of Anarchism. Here's the text of the flyers (I don't know how to make them into images or anything.


Recognize this symbol?

[circle-A symbol of anarchism]

It means ANARCHY, right? What words come to mind when you see it?

Chaos? Violence? Terrorism?

What about Freedom, Peace, and Liberty?

Don’t think so?
Think again.

Most of the information you hear about anarchism is either exaggerated, a lie, or perpetuated by dumb kids who just want to rebel against their parents.

Real anarchism isn’t about attacking cops, doing drugs or blasting obnoxious music.
It’s about TRUST. It’s about CHOICE. It’s about RESPECT.

• Trusting that adults don’t need a government or anyone else to tell them what they can or can’t do.
• Choosing where your resources earned by your hard work goes.
• Respecting others right to live the way they want to live.

This flyer isn’t meant to be a manifesto, just something to get you to think about your previous conceptions.

If you’re still interested, do a little research into the Anarchist movement, its history and its proponents… apart from those punk kids.

A good place to start is www.infoshop.org. It has an alternative news source and a great FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section.




Do you want REAL CHANGE NOW rather than later?
Who’s going to bring it to you?


how about

No, you don’t need to get you eyes checked.
You read that right.

We will never get real change in the country from ANY political party. As long as they are in power they will want to stay in power. Any attempt at change, regardless of how much the people want it, will be suppressed.

Sure, you hear both parties talk about change, reform, leadership, but
any change that does occur is superficial.

The only time real change has occurred within any government in history is when
mass movements of people have forced the government’s hand.

Imagine having that kind of power EVERY SINGLE DAY!
being able to make all your own choices all the time, and not wait for it to become legal.

Choices made by adults should not be legislated.
We don’t like it if our next door neighbor tells us what can and can’t do.
Why do we let politicians in Washington do the same thing?

So, as you enter the voting booth today, think about who has your best interests in mind:

Allen, Webb or Yourself ???


Anyway, thoughts?