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Oct. 6th, 2006 @ 11:45 pm Here's something I've been working on in my head, but just got down on paper tonight.
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Keep in mind, it may not be a finished product:


I gaze at the patchwork of my past.
tattered by uncertainty,
quilted with rubble, smoke, fire, and the dead.

I have been wounded, cursed, and spit upon,
but I refused to be broken.
This time it is no different.

Though my enemies try to shroud me with terror,
in the name of safety
Though my enemies uphold a stagnant system
in the name of freedom
Though my enemies slaughter my children
in the name of security
I will not stumble.

See these shattered monuments before me?
They are not symbols of my greatness.
They are symbols of my loss;

Loss of innocence
Loss of ingenuity
Loss of that radical spirit
that was forged at my conception.

Because they have crumbled,
Does not mean I have crumbled.

Because men proclaim my name in vain,
fingers in their ears,
does not mean I am whole.

But take courage.
Stand proud.
Still I stand.
Wave my banner high.

Forget the obsolete prison bars and stars.
Weave a new one
that will wash the muck and mire from my true face
like a flood.
Make it rise.

Yes the future is blurry,
Yes, the road may be long,
Stay the course.
Know that spreading your voice
is victory.

I am resilient.
I am revolution.
I am America.

September 11, 2006