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May. 13th, 2006 @ 10:38 pm finally something useful to write about!!!!
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So, I've been thinking a lot about things lately, particularly religious/spiritual things. I had a whole slew of things to write about, but am too tired to write/forgot about them. So, let's go with this:


There are three aspects of the soul:
Intuition—Urgings of the soul
Emotion—Interpretations of the soul
Reason—Analysis of the soul

Balance between aspects is called Purity.

Problems arise in life when the aspects are out of balance with each other. This balance is called corruption. Imbalance is caused when thought or action arises that is too heavily focused on one aspect. This results in oppression by that aspect. But, there is a process through which one can be liberated from oppression. It begins with revelation—the realization that an imbalance is present. This revelation begins with a seed. This seed can be planted through external means, or can come as an urging from the intuition. Once revelation is in full bloom, if it is a true revelation, the result is passion—a desire for change (i.e. balance). Then comes revolution—the way which one decides—through reasoning and things like prayer, meditation or any other form of examination—that balance can be achieved. While seeds of revolution can be planted externally, true revelation comes from within. No one can say what method of change is absolutely best for another. Once balance is achieved, liberation occurs, and the truth of the matter at hand is revealed.

As said above, revelation can come from the intuition and not just from external means. In fact, all revelation comes from the intuition, but, when aspects are out of balance, intuition can be obscured. Then, a seed must be planted for the true revelation to be revealed. In the same way, then, passion comes from the emotion, and revelation comes from the reason.
The intuition however, cannot really go out of balance, because the intuition is, in a sense, a part of God (that still small voice that speaks in all of us). And, God can never be out of balance. How do we have a piece of God in us? I believe that when a person creates something, a part of them goes into that thing. For example, I may have strong ties to a piece of my own writing, because I put a lot of myself into it. The same could go for a scarf that someone knitted, or even something like a friendship. The same thing goes with God. God created us, so he is in us all.

The force that is at work when seeds are planted is called practicality or moderation and it seeks balance between the aspects.

Intuition is represented by fire for it is rooted in the divine—the flame that inspires all.
Emotion is represented by water for it is the emotion that flows; sometimes calm, and serene, then just as easily can become a raging rapids.
Reason is represented by air, for it is the force that gives us direction, if we have the foresight to unfurl our sails and catch the wind.
Moderation or Practicality is represented by earth, for it is the base in which all things in this world live.

When two or more souls share an idea or cause, their souls are connected therefore, in a sense, become one soul. So, that body of souls is governed by the same principles. When that body’s soul becomes imbalanced, problems also arise, but instead of affecting one soul, it affects all the souls under that body’s influence. For example, governments, if their policies focus too much on one aspect, that government becomes corrupt.